Training In Natural Therapy

students studying at collegeStudies have shown that there is an increase in the use of natural and alternative therapies throughout the world, especially in the UK and the United States. As a result, more and more people are looking to get into the field of natural and alternative health care.

While there are many different approaches to natural medicine, there are some therapies in particular that are especially popular among people for both treatments and as a vocation.

Here are some of the most popular therapies that you can study and the top rated places where a person can learn.


Acupuncture is becoming a very popular therapy to study in the United Kingdom. The BAAB is the governing body of professional standards when it comes to education in acupuncture. The BAAB provides impartial information on the top colleges in the country. Rest assured, all the courses accredited by the BAAB are vetted, trusted and recommended to provide a high level of training in acupuncture.


The College of Osteopaths provides part-time training to its students and has two locations to choose from. Their primary location is in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire while they also have a location at Staffordshire University.

Being a part-time course, the duration of the training is run over five and a half years. Students are required to attend lectures alternate weekends for a period of eighteen weeks each year. Upon completing their training, students receive a Degree in osteopathy

The College of Osteopaths hold frequent open days for their courses.


The Centre for Homeopathic Education is the largest homoeopathic college in England. Affiliated with Middlesex University, the college is located in Bloomsbury-square, London.

The college offers a two-year (full-time) or four-year (part-time) licentiate course in Homeopathy as well as a four-year degree course, which is also completed on a part-time basis. Their training in Homeopathy is considered to be of a high standard.

Chinese Herbalism

a Chinese herbalist measuring ingredientsThe College of Chinese Medicine based in East Finchley, London teaches a variety of courses, including Chinese herbal medicine. The course is run over two years, after which their students will qualify with a degree in Chinese herbal medicine.

Upon completing the course at the College of Chinese Medicine, students are then allowed to join the Acupuncture Society, which is one governing body of the practice.

Western Herbalism

The National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) is the primary governing body for herbalists in the United Kingdom and oversee the practice of herbalists.

NIMH recommend the course run by the University of Westminster, who provide a BSc Honours in herbal medicine. The course is run on a part-time basis over a period of five to six years.

The focus is a holistic approach and aims to get to the route of the patient’s ailments rather than merely treating the symptoms of the disease.


City College Brighton and Hove offer a variety of courses to their students, including Reflexology.

The training for reflexology at the college is a level 3 Diploma course in reflexology, which is run over a total of eighteen weeks. Students are taught the skills of foot reflexology as well as the safety requirements needed and instruction on setting up a successful business.